hey, i'm kaili!

You can call me Kails if you want—everyone else does. Truth be told, I tried making that nickname catch on in 10th grade but no one bought it + everyone was like “quit trying to make Kails happen, Kaili.” Then once I hit Adult Land, it caught fire—so I’m sticking with it. #madeithappen

And I’m so glad you’re here. 

*clears throat*

I don’t want to waste your time telling you about my favorite coffee order (iced Americano with lavender) or that I’m a little ~obsessed~ with rescuing all the animals (I am…it’s a zoo), so I’ll get to the good stuff.

You’re here because you need copy that lights your soul on fire + makes perfect-fit clients click “I’M IN!” before they even have a chance to check the price tag. You know your emails + sales pages should be converting like crazy—because your offer is literally life-changing—you’re just not sure how to get your value to click in the minds of your people.

AND I FEEL YOU, FRIEND. Words are hard!

Strategic, effective words are even harder. But fortunately for you, they’re my chosen challenge + one-true love (please don’t tell my dogs). Because I truly believe a brand’s most powerful tool is their message. But a message is only powerful when it’s received fully & acted upon. 

I’m here to help you deliver hand-wrapped messaging straight to your ideal clients doorstep + create genuine connections in meaningful ways that result in loyal clients for life (and sound really freaking good, too).

My tactic is simple: Dig for the deeper story. Elevate the transformation. Utilize sales psychology in a genuine, non-icky way. And tailor it all for your soulmate clients.

& if you’re trying to figure out if we’d make bffs irl, I like… 

(I live on a mountain!)


without a real plan (have been known to book tickets on a whim)


no matter the time of day (waffles are actually slices of Heaven on a plate)


about everything + anything. It might sound silly, but a deep belly laugh is enough to fix anything.