Launching something obsess-worthy & value-driven can be wildly exciting (and a great opportunity to make passive income). But figuring out how to promote that thing? OOF, that’s tough.  

Odds are, writing conversion copy isn’t your favorite thing—or even something you have time for. But since you’re a brilliant CEO & entrepreneur, you know how important stellar copy is for a strategic, successful launch. 

That’s where this template comes in handy. I’ll do the heavy lifting, you handle the fun stuff. 

Using proven psychological sales techniques & years of experience, I’ve created a simple, fill-in-the-blank template to help you create the “convert like crazy” sales page of your dreams. 


· A power-packed tagline to generate immediate interest
· A short & sweet product intro that will leave your people dying to know more
· YES Questions to get inside your consumer’s head & make them feel seen, heard, and valued
· Imagine If Statements to paint an irresistible image of what lies ahead for everyone smart enough to say “heck yes!” to your offer
· BONUS: CTA guide for creating on-brand, no-brainer calls to action your humans will click every time

And the best part? You barely have to write. Simply fill in the blanks, copy + paste, and BOOM—you’re almost launch ready.


· Coaches
· Service providers
· Influencers
· Course creators

Picture this: It’s 1 week before launch day and instead of re-visiting your launch copy for the 14th time and thinking “ugh, why can’t I get this to sound good?!” you’re sippin’ a latte, feet up, knowing your sales page is locked & loaded with copy guaranteed to convert like crazy.

Now THAT’S the tea. What are you waiting for? Snag yours now!

Fill-in-the-blank Sales Page