Done-for-you questions and prompts that result in impactful, honest testimonials you actually want to use (and people can’t get enough of).

Client testimonials have possibly a larger impact on sales and conversions than any other marketing tactic. The problem? Most people either A) don’t know how to strategically get great testimonials or B) can’t seem to get clients to give feedback at all. 

This guide solves both issues with done-for-you questions & prompts and email templates to give you the confidence to get what you deserve—high-converting testimonials that position your brand as the go-to in your field.

In this done-for-you guide you’ll find:

- pre-written email template to use when initially reaching out for feedback
- pre-written email template to use when following up (aka—when you hear crickets) 
- tested & proved questions that result in powerful, impactful testimonials
- prompts & fill-in-the-blanks for when your client just isn’t quite giving you what you need

Generating Powerful Testimonials