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Part wordsmith, part psychologist

The human mind is a crazy place, but understanding what makes us tick isn’t all that difficult. People spend money for one of two reasons: 

1. To increase pleasure
2. To decrease pain 

If you can convince someone your offer will do either of these, you just gained a customer or client. But here’s the catch: people have gotten smart. Smarter than the majority of marketing tactics you’re *most likely* still using. 

So how do you win? Break the status quo + tell ‘em something they’ve never heard before. 

Utilize psychological sales tactics instead of following the trends 
Connect on a deeper level that ignites emotion + triggers buying decisions 
Skip the fluff + stick to the hard-hitting, no-bullshit good stuff 

I help you do that, without sacrificing your truth or feeling icky. Because let’s be honest—we’ve all read something salesy that totally turned us off, and I’m not about that life (neither is your audience).

Web Copy


 Consulting + Strategy

 Email MarketiNG



copy converts when you...

So to keep you covered on all fronts, every single package comes complete with...

Deep-Dive Discovery Call 
In-Depth Brand Questionnaire
Hours of Competitor Research
Wrap-Up Call

i work with no-bullshit women...

because I am a no-bullshit woman.

we’d be a good fit only if you…


Are ready to invest in an expert without second-guessing their every move


Believe in the power of copywriting + care about your messaging 


Don’t give a fluff about the status quo or what’s trendy 


Like your life with a splash of sass

Still with me? That’s my girl! Time to make your wildest copy dreams come true.


Kaili’s Copy Café 

Whether you like it iced, hot, or with a thick layer of froth—we’ve got a caffeinated beverage with your name on it. Ordering is easy! Simply pick the pour that delights your soul and we’ll be in touch soon. 

You deserve to feel seen, heard, and perfectly expressed. Here’s how it’s going down:

1-hour strategy session to discuss your goals, your brand, and what is or isn’t working 
Brand questionnaires to gain clarity on your story, mission, and voice
Web copy mapping & communication with designer (if design is happening)
4 pages of high-converting, engaging copy that tells your story in a unique, impactful way
2 rounds of revisions so we can get it just right 
1 closing call to tie up loose ends and get you launched

Classic Cup


A giant mug of hot, classic coffee is best served in the cozy corners of quaint coffee shops. And your personality and bold ideas are best served in the heart of your brand’s home—your website.

We’re creating web copy that feels like a complete expression of who you are, who you’re for, and why your brand is wildly sought after. When you read your site, I want it to feel like the deepest, fullest exhale you’ve ever experienced, followed by the most fulfilling inhale possible.



Pour it up + drink it down, you’re about to get: 

1-hour strategy call to dive deep into your offer, your goals, and your audience 
High-converting sales page copy that’s intentional + strategic 
2 rounds of revisions because you deserve perfection
20-minute closing call to wrap it all up before you launch

Iced Americano

Sales Page

Whether you’re launching something new or refreshing an old offer, your genius deserves a high-converting sales page that ticks all the boxes without any fluff (you know what I’m talking about). 

We’re keeping it simple, sharp, and potent (just like an Americano) and sticking to what works: psychology + really (really) convincing copy. But don’t fool yourself—simple doesn’t mean boring, it means every word, header, subhead, and section serves a purpose; nudging consumers closer and closer to saying “yes.”



Every funnel includes:

 1-hour opening call to go over past email efforts, goals for funnel, your voice, strategy, and your audience 
8-email funnel crafted just for you + your humans 
GIFs, emojis, and strategic CTAs 
20-minute closing call to walk through your funnel + ensure you’re all set to hit send


Email Funnel

Cappuccinos might be the most under-rated caffeine-fix ever—and email marketing can relate. Social media is powerful, but nothing converts quite like classic email (don’t @ me, it’s a fact).

Whether you need something short + spicy for a brand new launch or a warm, inviting welcome sequence to convince new audiences to stick around—I’ve got you covered. 



1-hour strategy session to get clear on your goals & needs (and content map)
 High-converting sales page created with proven sales tactics utilizing psychology (not manipulation) so you can feel fab and confident with what you’re putting out
8-email launch sequence to give your people the spicy details they need to scream “I’M IN!”
2 rounds of revisions 
2 additional feedback calls (20-minutes each) to discuss questions, implement changes, and go over feedback

Lavender Latte

Sales Page + Email Funnel

The sweet, delicate flavor of a fresh, lavender latte dancing across your tongue is almost as satisfying as a launch that outpaces your wildest dreams and feels surprisingly easy.

A successful, income-igniting launch depends on carefully-crafted copy created to convert, so buckle up and get ready for take-off, because we’re doing just that:



Grammatically edit all copy
Add depth & a splash of brand voice
Evaluate if messaging goals are being met & how we can make them even more effective
Suggest changes and offer examples of solutions
End with a closing call to discuss last-minute questions and apply all changes

Green Tea

Copy Audit

Sometimes all we need is a hint of caffeine and a splash of freshness, aka a big, tall glass of sweet green tea. Your copy needs the same thing, and luckily—we’ve got just the trick.

Copy audits are the ideal solution for DIY writers wanting a second pair of eyes on their work. Together, we will:





In the world of SEO, blogs reign supreme. But you know what most of us don’t have time for? Writing blogs. No worries, we’ll craft the copy + even collaborate on topic ideas and keywords—all you gotta do is copy & paste and watch the traffic flood in. 



Cold Brew


Tired of writing your own social media copy but know you need to “stay relevant” and “show up”? Kick those feet up and rest your precious fingers—we’ll do the heavy lifting and let you take full credit. 

12 or 24 captions per month 
1 round of revisions on each 
All the clout + none of the work 


Need Design?

Let me know on your contact form + I’ll get you in touch with the world’s best designer (it’s a fact).

More of a DIY type woman? I like the initiative + respect the hustle. 

Here are some resources to make your life a little bit easier.